Pack of Bloody AnimalsA Pack of Bloody Animals

‘The verdict in the Walsh Street trial was all four not guilty. Repeat not guilty. All units are warned - keep yourselves under control.'

Radio newsflash message to all State police

The killings called ‘Walsh Street’ arose when police and armed robbers went to war. Both sides, convinced the other started the war, were righteous in the letting of blood. The packs held sway and their deeds left many casualties - some celebrated but others unrecorded - and a bitter legacy....

Bent Cops CoverBent Cops


The Half-million Dollar Hit that wasn’t
Bent Cop or Sacrificial Lamb?
Just say `No’
The Bribe Shark and the Hillbilly Dictator

Some police have bent, broken, and abused the law, have done since the First Fleet sailed, and some will continue to do so until RoboCop takes over. (Then, we will see how he goes.) They do it for gain, convictions, career, power, mates, sex and favours; out of fear of exposure; out of frustration with the evidence...

Bloody Relations CoverBloody Relations


An unflinching exploration of 14 murder-in-the-family cases: Rory (Mad Professor) and wife Maureen Thompson, Kathleen Folbigg and her children, Sef Gonzales and his slaughtered family, Matthew Wales and his mother and her husband, Jenny Tanner’s mysterious death, Irena and Chris Hatfield, the boxing Waters family and Christine Hicks, New Zealand’s Bain family, Tony Kellisar and wife Lana Podgoyetsky, the van Krevels of Wollongong, Judith Cengiz and her twin brother Lindsay Jellet, the Russo family, and...

Crime Bosses CoverCrime Bosses


George, the Team Player
Mr Respectable
Carl’s Reasons
Tran and the 5T
Capo L’Onorata Societa

The Little Fella, George Freeman, used the phone to tell the owner of The Palace, a Kings Cross casino, everything was `sweet in town’ – but that’s just for now, change was coming. It sounded like a provisional all-clear, from the officer in charge of illegal gaming in Sydney then. He sounded confident of his information and of his...

Gangsters' Women CoverGangsters' Women


Roberta of Melbourne
The Women of the Organisation of H
A Hard Man's Woman
Rent-A-Kill's Lady Macbeth


Gangsters lead complicated lives.  One way or another, their women share the ride until the prison door shuts for too many years or any early grave opens.

Some Melbourne women around the shifting cast of male characters that make up the town's gangland have had to cope with the crime in their midst, always...

Outlaw Bikers CoverOutlaw Bikers


One Biker's Twenties
Swap Meet at the Viking Tavern Milperra
Hellfire at the Blackmarket Cafe
The Revenge of the Gypsy Jokers
The Greenslopes Angels

The image of the outlaw bikie started with The Wild Ones and Rebel without a Cause.  Then and now, the outlaw suspects straight society is full of crap, but he doesn't care and he doesn't want to change it; he wants to be to be left alone to do whatever he damn well likes. A...

Outside the Law 2Outside the Law 2

In Outside the Law 2 some of our best crime writers take you on a trip into the shadows of Australian society.  You’ll meet crooks who just can’t help themselves; killers with twisted logic or hearts of darkness; and cops who daily walk the thinnest of lines to keep them at bay, and away from the rest of us.

Outside the Law 3Outside the Law 3

Take a walk outside the law with some of Australia's best crime writers.  Investigate the criminals who deal in murder, drugs and kidnapping; the cops who track them down; and the journalists who report their stories.

The Dark Side CoverThe Dark Side

The Dark Side, a book from Australia’s most famous ex-detective…

Roger Rogerson hasn’t been a police officer for more than 20 years, yet he is seldom mentioned without `detective sergeant’ appearing too.

“All that people know about me is that I’m a corrupt cop, shot three men and was a drinking mate of Neddy Smith.”

 So Roger...
The Hit Men CoverThe Hit Men


We think of a human life as priceless beyond measure, but there are men among us who will end a life for a fistful of dollars, becoming a hit man when he strikes a contract with someone with a target and the dollars. In a world of increasing outsourcing, contract killing has become ‘the white middle-class way of murder’.

Was Norman Bruhn, first fatality of the Sydney razor gang war, such a target, and for whom? The book takes a fresh look at the man they called Rent-a-Kill,...