Outlaw Bikers Cover
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One Biker's Twenties
Swap Meet at the Viking Tavern Milperra
Hellfire at the Blackmarket Cafe
The Revenge of the Gypsy Jokers
The Greenslopes Angels

The image of the outlaw bikie started with The Wild Ones and Rebel without a Cause.  Then and now, the outlaw suspects straight society is full of crap, but he doesn't care and he doesn't want to change it; he wants to be to be left alone to do whatever he damn well likes. A rebel yell moves his spirit, and his wildness needs expression within a brotherhood. That has not changed in the half century since those films. But crime has. Criminals who ride bikes have made and sold drugs over most of that time, and been part of that violent trade.  Brotherhoods clash, and when they do, people can wind up maimed, dead or doing time.

Price: $9.95 GST inc.