The Hit Men Cover
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We think of a human life as priceless beyond measure, but there are men among us who will end a life for a fistful of dollars, becoming a hit man when he strikes a contract with someone with a target and the dollars. In a world of increasing outsourcing, contract killing has become ‘the white middle-class way of murder’.

Was Norman Bruhn, first fatality of the Sydney razor gang war, such a target, and for whom? The book takes a fresh look at the man they called Rent-a-Kill, Christopher Dale Flannery; at Dennis Allen’s hired Red Rat; the ‘Are you Les?’ hit and the crimes that saw a woman die on a bed beside her 6-year-old son; entrepreneur hit man Sandy Macrae; a man who killed his granny for his dad; wives who shopped for their husband’s killers; an assault by hirelings that killed with acid; the shooting of a prostitute; and others.

Price: $19.95 GST inc.