Gangsters' Women Cover
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Roberta of Melbourne
The Women of the Organisation of H
A Hard Man's Woman
Rent-A-Kill's Lady Macbeth


Gangsters lead complicated lives.  One way or another, their women share the ride until the prison door shuts for too many years or any early grave opens.

Some Melbourne women around the shifting cast of male characters that make up the town's gangland have had to cope with the crime in their midst, always have, and the crop of the late 1990's - early 2000's was a bumper. Take Roberta's life's story so far, and the questions we ask at half time.

But then Melbourne gangster's women have often been remarkable; try to find a reason not to admire Judi Kane, who appeared in the 1980s crop.

Terry Clark called his drug ring ‘The Organisation’ but everybody else used ‘Mr Asia’. Maria was the beautiful softly-spoken women Terry Clark called his `wife, mother of my son’.  Allison he called `head of couriers’, 2IC in fact, but an expendable executive. And he got rich-bitch Karen when he called `lawyer’. He never loved any of these Kiwi women, yet they all once loved him.


For Lady Macbeth in the play, all the perfumes of Arabia couldn’t sweeten her bloody hands. Kath fell in love with Christopher Dale Flannery, and went to Sydney with him, where he got tagged `Rent-a-kill’ by Neddy Smith. She already wore a courtroom jester’s tag: ‘Lady Macbeth’. People said she loaded the guns; Rent-a-kill just pulled the triggers.


Price: $9.95 GST inc.