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The Dark Side, a book from Australia’s most famous ex-detective…

Roger Rogerson hasn’t been a police officer for more than 20 years, yet he is seldom mentioned without `detective sergeant’ appearing too.

“All that people know about me is that I’m a corrupt cop, shot three men and was a drinking mate of Neddy Smith.”

 So Roger Rogerson decided to write this autobiographical memoir. He did it his way. The story is truly from the horse’s mouth: no ghosting or radical editing has been applied. The Dark Side is the author’s own words, and they echo like a copper’s. The account has immediacy, readers reporting it is `like listening to him down at the pub’, gripping and often funny.

 A ‘Bankstown Boy’ for 60 years, Rogerson has been the subject of articles, appearances, profiles and books; portrayed in TV dramas; and recorded by covert listening devices at home for months. Richard Roxburgh portrayed him in the miniseries, Blue Murder, broadcast in 1995 nationally except in NSW where on-going criminal prosecutions involving a key character effectively it banned until 2001.

One of New South Wales’ most decorated cops, Rogerson was feared by the army of stick-up merchants of the 1970s, kept a close and effective ear open around the traps, and enjoyed the respect of colleagues.

But after he shot drug-dealer-and-armed-robber Warren Lanfranchi dead in 1981, his career was dogged by controversy. He was subsequently alleged to have supplied drugs, assaulted, attempted to bribe and attempted to murder. These charges all failed, in court or before reaching court or on appeal. But a charge of perverting the course of justice, related to operating a false bank account, succeeded and Rogerson was sent to prison. And in 2004 he pleaded guilty to false swearing, lying to a Police Integrity Commission hearing in 1999, and served another 12 months’ in jail.

Rogerson took up his pen in prison. Out, he walked the club and pub speaking circuit, where he found a ready audience for his tales of law and mayhem. He toured with Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson and Mark ‘Chopper’ Read in a show called The Wild Colonial Psychos. He wrote for newspapers, reviewing episodes of Underbelly for The Daily Telegraph and blogs.

In The Dark Side, Rogerson decided to ignore ‘the host of allegations levelled against him: I would stick with what I knew to be the truth… what follows is more a collection of anecdotes, a selected memoir, than an autobiography’.


Price: $19.95 GST inc.