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The Half-million Dollar Hit that wasn’t
Bent Cop or Sacrificial Lamb?
Just say `No’
The Bribe Shark and the Hillbilly Dictator

Some police have bent, broken, and abused the law, have done since the First Fleet sailed, and some will continue to do so until RoboCop takes over. (Then, we will see how he goes.) They do it for gain, convictions, career, power, mates, sex and favours; out of fear of exposure; out of frustration with the evidence available; in conformity with others; and because there was no other way.  

If what is alleged is true, some police connived with burglars to see a file uplifted from the Victoria Police Drug Squad offices during the Christmas-New Year period in 1996. The file covered E2/92, a high-quality informant and witness, a brave effective citizen. The burglars’ and the still-unknown police officers’ connections had another $250,000 for the next stage: kill E2/1992.

A big-time Melbourne pimp and a murderer facing charges said Sergeant Paul Higgins and other Vice Squad detectives took kickbacks so that the pimp’s illegal brothels and escort services could operate unhassled – and worse. Higgins went down for 7 years and emerged bitter and angry with the criminal justice he received.

Most people remembered the State’s Drug Squad chief from the `Dob in a Druggie’ campaign on TV, so they were surprised when he was jailed for conspiring to recycle drugs seized by the state, for cash. More cops were arrested and a witness suffered a fatal OD.

The Perth Mint was swindled into delivering 49 gold bars to an address by a man using a telephone. Don Hancock led the investigation and his intuition told him a military mastermind was behind it. So, when he found his soldier, did Hancock push the evidence against him and his brother-co-conspirators along a bit with forgery and just a little touch of the verbal?

The bagman handed the bag to Queensland’s Commissioner of Police, Sir Terence Lewis, saying, `Sorry, it’s a bit light this week.’ Premier Joh’s top cop was very understanding, saying `Little fish are sweet.’ Not the full whack of the $10,000 Terry, privately called `The Bribe Shark’ and his mates called `The Rat Pack’ in police locker rooms, would stand accused of raking in $10,000 a month presumably. The fall out from the scandal changed that state forever.

Price: $9.95 GST inc.